Easy sound advice from people who have sold their homes is learn to master the ‘super-duper-fast clean.’ Why would this matter you might think? Nothing turns a potential buyer off more than walking into a dirty or smelly house. Your goal is to make your house as attractive as possible to a potential buyer and what easier, better or more cost efficient way to do that then with a clean house.

Here’s a check list to do before a potential buyer comes to view your home:

  • Light a vanilla scented candle or boil a pot of water on your stove with some cinnamon sticks in it.
  • Remove up any clutter such as papers, stuffed animals, toys, etc and hide them in boxes or laundry hampers. Remember to check the dining room table, coffee table, counters and desks.
  • Remove all shoes and jackets from the entry area.
  • Put dishes into the dishwasher. Do not have a sink filled with dirty dishes.
  • Make the beds are made and remove any clothing lying on the floor, chairs and other surfaces.
  • Wipe down dusty surfaces, counters/sinks and any glass smudges. Wipes, even baby wipes, are especially good for quick yet thorough, high-speed cleaning.
  • A quick sweep through the house. Make sure there are no dust piles in the corners or behind doors.
  • Take out the garbage

Doing the ‘super-duper-fast clean’ before a potential buyer comes helps to put your houses best foot forward and maximizes your houses selling potential.