HaElah Valley, Israel

Hashem promises to the Jewish people a “land flowing with milk and honey.” Like the spies we have the choice what to see when we get to the land of Israel. Will you see a land that is filled with hopes and dreams and through hard work successes. A promised land to build your life. Or will you see pain and suffering and run back in the other direction.

So many people come to Israel on a “test trip” to see if living in Israel will “work” for them. What a silly question, of course it will “work”, Hashem promised this land to the Jewish people. In the end, how many of these people end up going back to Chuz l’aretz. They say, we couldn’t do it and list off reasons why it didn’t “work”. If you always have one foot out the door, of course you’re not going to make it in Israel. It takes dedication with a whole heart, hard work and faith in Hashem.

Israel is our land, a land promise to the Jewish people.

Old City, Israel