“6 Palestinian teens die amid Mid-East unrest” According to the LA Times in California.


By the headlines we are left to wonder how and why they died. Where they in the wrong place at the wrong time? Were they killed by an Israeli invasion of some sort?

Let’s look at the actual events that took place in their unfortunate deaths:

1. Shooting/Stabbing attack on Bus in Jerusalem Armon HaNatziv: 8 Israeli’s wounded, 2 Israeli’s dead: 2 Palestinian terrorist killed.

2. Stabbing Attack on random civilians in Raanana: 4 Israeli’s wounded: Palestinian teen terrorist killed.

3. Malchei Yisrael, Jerusalem Driving Attack: After ramming civilians waiting for a bus the Palestinian terrorists attacked the wounded victims with an ax: 3 Israeli’s wounded seriously, one Israeli dead: Palestinian terrorist killed.

4. Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack: 5 Israeli’s wounded: Palestinian teen terrorist killed.

5. Kiryat Gat, near Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack: 3 Israeli’s seriously wounded: Palestinian teen terrorist killed.

As of now the US and UN are silent other than suggesting BOTH sides to restrain from further violence.

Both sides should restrain from further violence?? At the time of being attacked by a knife, gun, or car ramming perhaps rather than protect ourselves we should initiate a peaceful conversation? Such as:

“Excuse me, Mr. Terrorist rather than ramming that knife in my back perhaps we can sit down over a cup of coffee to discuss other options?”

Never have I seen such skewed media coverage over any type of content. I wonder if on September 11th the LA times headline was “8 Saudi Men die in Plane accidents”

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