“From the beginning, my dream was to form the best real estate organization in the world. This dream has become reality.”
Dave Liniger, RE/MAX CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder

And this dream has not changed since that very first day…..

Why join the RE/MAX Action Team?

When you join with the RE/MAX Action team here in the Beit Shemesh area, you are really joining a much bigger team all over Israel and the world.

If you are you are motivated, hard-working, honest, and enjoy working and helping people then a career in real estate could be a great choice for you.

Read below about just some of the advantages you have when you join the RE/MAX team.

#1 – The RE/MAX Brand

RE/MAX – A Brand People Know & Trust

Remax Logo

RE/MAX Israel is constantly exploring new ways to increase their visibility of the RE/MAX network. RE/MAX can be seen on prime-time television, all over the internet and in leading newspapers. We’re the #1 name in real estate and this opens up lots of doors and increases your potential for success as a recognized ‘expert’ in your area.

#2 – Knowledge is Power

Real estate is a competitive business and in order to succeed you need to have the best knowledge. The RE/MAX Israel Real Estate School offers courses that are taught by professional instructors who have tremendous experience and know-how in how to be a successful real estate agent.

Knowledge is Power

The RE/MAX Quick Start course, developed by RE/MAX Europe, gives practical knowledge to new agents and is the leading course in Israel of its kind.

RE/MAX also provides additional opportunities to learn by it’s annual conference for the entire national network, and from sponsoring special educational days with the most prominent real estate trainers in the world throughout the entire year.

To learn more about the course’s RE/MAX Israel offers Click Here.

#3 – Using Today’s Technology

In today’s fast paced age, technology is no longer a luxury but an essential element for every real estate agent.


RE/MAX Israel offers its agents a powerful website with automatic exposure to a global website for your properties. Plus a website full of video tutorials, tools, CRM software and social media presence.

RE/MAX Action has their own internet presence in search engines and social media from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, Pinterest and more. We also create video walking tours for all of our properties. All this means even more business for the agents in our office.

#4 – Worldwide Potential

A team is always stronger than the individual.

Worldwide Potential

RE/MAX is the largest real estate network in the world, selling more real estate than any of its competitors. The RE/MAX Israel network has over 100 offices throughout Israel with over 1,000 real estate agents and brokers. RE/MAX is the largest real estate brokerage network in Israel. Our branches all over Israel and the world have created a wonderful referral network which helps to increase your success.

Now How Do I Join?

Josh Epstein
Cell: 050-2395100
Office: 02-6529022