Learn about Nachal Maor in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph, Israel.

Welcome to Nachal Maor which is off of Nehar HaYarden and goes all the way to Nachal Dolev. On this corner there is a shul that people call a “Minyon Factory.” This section of Nachal Maor has apartment complexes as well as a few semi-attached houses.  In semi-attached houses there are apartment buildings that are about 4-5 stories high. There are 3-5 room apartments, a few 6 rooms apartments. On the ground level some of the apartments have nice gardens.
Kehilat Menorat Maor and Yeshivat Beit Shlomo are 2 of the many Shuls that are located on this street.
In the middle of Nachal Maor it meets up with Nachal HaBasor.  Here there is a park area, sitting area, plus a small shopping area with restaurants (schwarma, pizza, etc) and a small store.
Plus on the corner of Nachal Maor and Nachal Refaim there is another park.
One of the reasons why Nachal Maor is a very popular street is because there is a nice mix of people on this street, Dati Leumi, Modern Orthodox and Charadim.