Mortgage Brokers:

A mortgage broker works as a liaison between you and the banks here in Israel to help get you the right loan that is fitting for you. There are many different types of loans available here in Israel such as fixed and variable interest rates loans. If you are making Aliyah there are also special mortgages that are made available to you.

Morgan Mortgage
Contact: Aaron Morgan
Cell: 0525-688-940



If you prefer you can deal directly with the banks here in Israel. Most of the branches in the Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem areas have a number of representatives that speak English.

Bank Tefahot
Office: 029918035
Address: 2 Hashiva, Bet Shemesh

Bank Jerusalem
Office: 076-8095040
Address: 2 Yitshak Rabin Road, Bet Shemesh


Engineers/Building Inspectors:

We strongly suggest having an engineer to do an inspection on the property before you purchase it. The task of the engineer is to check every aspect of the property to make sure that there are no major faults/issues with the property such as water damage, electrical issues, and structural issues.

Chaim Milun
Office: 972-2-993 3976
Cell: 972-52-220-0311

Dan Schafer
Office: 029919898
Cell: 0544911841




A lawyer is responsible to put together the actual purchase contract that makes the transaction binding and official. They are also responsible in transferring title from the previous owners on to your name. As the tax laws are always changing here in Israel they are also responsible in letting you know how the exact amount of purchase tax that you will be paying at the time of purchase.

Linda, Reiss-Wolicki – Advocate & Notary
Contact: Linda Reiss-Wolicki
Office: 029952355
Cell: 0528534236
Address: 59 Reuven, Givat Sharett, Bet Shemesh

Slater, Avner – Real Estate Attorney
Contact: Avner Slater
Office: 02-582-5210
Cell: 0508743681
Address: Jaffa St 33, Jerusalem



If you are purchasing a property that needs to be refurbished or if you are planning on adding additional living space it is advisable to use an architect. Not only will they be able to assist you in the planning stages but also will be able to provide yo with reliable builders to get the job done right. They can also work with the city engineering office to make sure the proper permits are obtained so your property is fully legal.

Miller Design & Architecture
Contact: David Miller
Office: 029992365

Metropolitan Israel
Contact: David Libman
Office: (929) 243-9746
Cell: (058) 782-5161