In this video you will learn how to prepare your home prior to showing. This is important in order to sell your home quickly and at a top price.

Generally today’s buyers and sellers are not from the same generation. This can lead to problems. And as a result there is generally a gap between what buyers are looking for and what homes for sale are offering. Today’s buyers know what they want and they are willing to pay more for a home that’s been updated and well kept.

Selling your home is a 3 step process.
1. Quality Photo’s Featured Online
2. Curb Appeal
3. First Impression

There are 3 major elements that can effect the sale of your property:
1. Condition
2. Price
3. Location

78% of a buyers decision is based on the size and location of a property!

When all these elements are taken into consideration your property will sell quickly and for the highest possible price.